DWS Collection

Marlborough Sofa by DWS and contemporary art by Benson-Cobb, from the collections of Design Wright Studios

The DWS Collection grows along with you.

Take one of our sofas. It endures. It patiently holds up to the trials your little ones put it through. Your dogs can sleep on it without ruffling its elegant surface. Teenagers can pile on it, and it won’t even groan. After years of service, the fabric may need a face lift, but its bones are still beautiful.

Timeless, yes — but also classic, stylish, and environmentally friendly.

The DWS collection of fine furniture is bench-made in the USA, not mass-produced. This allows for a level of customization that has long vanished from the marketplace.

Skilled craftsmen apply decades of experience to the construction of each piece. The resulting items are of the highest quality, ensuring that they will enjoy a long life in service to your family.


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