Fresh Spins on the Old Classics

The holidays are upon us, and our team at Design Wright Studios has been thinking a lot about the family traditions, sentimental moments, and cherished memories that go hand-in-hand with this time of year. We’re sharing our favorite contemporary furnishings from the showroom floor that evoke, for us, that same warm-and-fuzzy, nostalgic feeling.

Taracea Vuelto Coffee Table • DWS Collection SoHo Sofa • Visual Comfort & Co.’s Cachet Floor Lamp 

“The overlay of reclaimed guanacaste* wood from downed trees in Mexico make it a highly sustainable find, and its large top provides room for delicious food and drinks to be shared by the entire family for holiday gatherings.”

* Guanacaste is a beautiful tropical hardwood tree that is fast-growing and tolerates both wet and dry conditions. The tree is immense, with fragrant flowers, and it’s not over-harvested as are many tropical trees. We love its gorgeous grain.

“The fabric on this sofa is a subtle blue-and-white stripe that reminds me of an updated version of my grandmother’s sofa, which had not-so-subtle blue-and-white stripes. It was a comfortable, staple piece of furniture where we sat by the fireplace on many occasions.”

“This sculptural lamp is reminiscent of the oversized table lamps in my parents’ mid-century home during the ‘Mad Men’ era!”