Art at the Showroom: Michael Dowling

On May 12th, 2022, we gathered for a reception to celebrate Denver artist Michael Dowling. His beautiful art is on sale at the Showroom until the end of June. Come visit!

Michael’s work is not easily classified. He trained in Florence and commands the painting skills of the old masters, yet he excels in very modern, very simple charcoal portraiture. Though many of his images are inspired by Western and Southwestern themes, for this showing he wanted to explore his feminine side. 

With the curatorial assistance of Kate Finds Art, Michael developed and placed some of his most recent works around the Showroom. Some of the art is large and commanding, some is scattered about on the tables; all are moody in a soulful way. There is a casual quality to both the placement and the presentation, as if the Showroom were Michael’s atelier.

We think his colors and style blend beautifully with our space, and love having the art nearby to send us on a journey of contemplation. A few photos are posted below, but please come by to experience them in person.