The Joy of Racing, with Max

We like to nurture the up-and-coming. This includes the children in our lives, the young designers looking for some advice, and even the sweet flowers that need protection from spring cold and hail. We are delighted to announce that one of the kids we’ve long adored just won another championship car race.

Max Fedler graduated this month from Denver South High School, but he’s already a seasoned pro on the racing circuit. This year, Design Wright Studios became one of Max’s sponsors, as you can see in this photo of his race car. 

This past Memorial Day weekend, Max won his first major race of the season: the SCAA (Sports Car Club if America) Colorado “Home of the Heroes Grand Prix” in Pueblo CO. Then he’s off to Wisconsin for Road America on June 15-16 & July 13-14; races on July 27-28 at Laguna Seca (California); and back to Colorado on August 24-25 at High Plains.

Max comes from a long line of race car drivers, beginning with his great-grandfather. You can also say that he’s from a long line of great kids whose lives have been shaped by our beautiful state and city of Denver. He loves the outdoors, is committed to helping others, and is a devoted son, brother, and friend to many. In the fall Max will attend the University of California at Santa Barbara.

You can be sure we will continue to cheer for Max. May he meet success on all the roads he travels!