FAQ About Render UR Vision


How long does it take to receive a rendering?
Most renderings will be completed within 2-3 weeks. Complexity of project and delayed feedback can extend delivery time.

Are the renderings limited to just residential spaces?
No, we can render commercial spaces too.


Can I incorporate my client’s own rugs, artwork and furniture?
Yes, just provide high-res imagery of each item (please make sure any images are 300 dpi or more.) Models outside of our library will incur an additional cost.


Is there a limit to how many rooms can be rendered?
No, you can render as many rooms as you need. Each room is priced separately.

Is a top-down view available to show spatial recognition?
Yes, the bird’s-eye view is included with each rendering package, as well as views from all four corners of the space.


Can you include paint colors or wallpaper?
Yes, just provide hi-res images of wallpaper and paint brand and color number.


How do I access your DWS Library to view already modeled furniture?
Email us (render@designwrightstudios.com) or call (+1 303 955 7751) and we will provide you with a link to our document.


How do I get pricing?
Please email us (render@designwrightstudios.com) and we will send the price information.


I have no idea how you guys can take that model and make it look like a snapshot with lighting and shadows and even being able to see the brick through the perforations in the metal. Crazy awesome!!